Park Jiu-hui began to visit Peru to visit the archaeological museum

South Korean President Pu Gui-hui visited the National Museum of Human Archeology, which exhibited the Inca relics

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Swiss train station logo to teach Asian tourists to the toilet

Although the tourists of the above countries will be posted on the toilet signs of the move

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New energy vehicle subsidies to reduce the cost of amortization into business problems

The amount of subsidies for new energy vehicles will be the country

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Shanghai: brewing subsidies for new energy vehicle infrastructure

The city is brewing subsidies for new energy vehicle infrastructure

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Beijing, Tianjin, Tangshan and other six cities were designated as the core area of ​​Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei haze

Part of the city air pollution warning grading standards Beijing, Tianjin, Tangshan, Langfang, Baoding, Cangzhou six cities will establish a unified air pollution prevention and early warning consultation and emergency coordination agencies

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The first generation of migrant workers: 30 years into the city site never give endowment insurance

Old section does not want to increase the burden for children

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Qian Liqun want to stay in nursing homes only concerned about only 3% of elderly institutions pension

That is, 90% of the elderly home care, 7% of the community pension, 3% of the body pension

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Interrupting the number of employees in the old - age insurance to increase the number of people to explain the reasons

Causing some workers to interrupt the pension insurance payment situation

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Indonesia's infrastructure construction will cost about $ 424.5 billion over the next five years

Indonesia's infrastructure construction will cost about $ 424.5 billion over the next five years

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I 093G nuclear submarine threatened large warships can be installed on the land cruise missiles

The picture shows the 093G nuclear submarine installed with a vertical launch system

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Western media accused the Chinese South China Sea exercise deliberately rendering tensions

Chinese Navy 22 days of the South China Sea exercises in the end where the sword

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Korean officials: If the Chinese side to successfully salvage the sunken Korean people grateful

South Korea's Minister of Marine Fisheries Yu Qi Jun to the scene to encourage staff

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The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection stipulates that 21 scenic spots are prohibited from meeting

As well as the trade unions, the Communist Youth League, the Women's Federation and other people's organizations and civil servants law management of the institutions are not allowed to the following 21 scenic areas held a meeting

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Food Safety Law Implementation Regulations Comments Experts: Building civil supervision mechanism

The State Food and Drug Administration has drafted the Regulations on the Implementation of the Food Safety Law (Revised Draft) (hereinafter referred to as the "

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Corrupt Li Zicheng nickname "Chuangwang" known as no dare not do things

Li Zicheng gall bladder day, bold, blatantly

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Shandong 3 years 4 vice mayor "to the sea" to do financial income tens of times

Three years at least 36 officials leave low income, the system is difficult to promote the main reason for a few days ago

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Chongqing cracked QQ group red envelopes gambling case involving 26 provinces more than 1700 ginseng gambling

Ministry of Public Security designated Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau to investigate the case

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Henan 216 people were subject to environmental problems by 18 people were administrative detention

Henan Province to deal with the Central Fifth Environmental Protection Inspectorate assigned to the case of environmental protection 310 cases

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