Net transmission "Hebei traffickers to steal children" is a man see friends were misunderstood

Hebei Baoding public friends in the circle after the spread of Lixian Liu City, some people drove into the village to steal children
(Reporter Fan Rui) Recently, Hebei Baoding residents circle in the spread of Lixian after Liu City, some people drove into the village to steal children incident. The video shows the villagers working together to overturn the men's vehicles and beat the men in the car. Yesterday afternoon, the Hebei provincial government issued a circular, said the network to steal a child for the false news, a man and a child before the mother know that day the two invited to meet. At present, in addition to vehicle damage, the staff did not matter. Online video shows that the villagers found someone driving into the village to steal children, the villagers excited, in the car glass smashed, the number of villagers together to overturn the white car, and the car man beaten. Then the police rushed to the scene to participate in the disposal, the video can be seen on the scene there are hundreds of villagers onlookers. The video immediately in Baoding, a number of local public accounts in the spread of a public account or even write traffickers were killed, disability message. Yesterday afternoon, the Hebei Provincial People's Government Information Office issued a circular, said the net transmission of Liao County after Liu village "stealing children" incident is not real information. Informed that on December 3, then the network security volunteers to report, Baoding public friends circle spread a Lixian Liu City Village after the car to steal a child incident, and equipped with the scene overturned the vehicle, beat the driver's video. The first time to contact Lixian command center to verify the situation, the investigation of the situation, at 13:50 on the 3rd, Lixian command center then Liu village villagers alarm: in the village road found his brother's son (12 Age) on a strange man's car, the suspect that the two for stealing children, then hit 110 alarm. Heard the villagers came to suspicious men Zhang beaten, and overturned, smashed the driving of their vehicles. After receiving the alarm, the area police station police quickly dispose of the police, arrived at the scene, with the police to get in touch, after understanding that the boy has to go home. Stable after the scene will be intercepted two men Zhang, Wang and the vehicle back to the police station for review. The report also said that after investigation and evidence, identify Zhang and Li Moumou (boy mother) before the incident through the WeChat awareness, and invited to meet. Incident at noon that day, Zhang, Wang came to the village after driving Liu, Li Moumou with his daughter to the village clinic to see a doctor, Li Moumou son at home alone after answering the phone rushed to the door and Zhang, Wang meet , And ready to get on the bus with two to find their mother, the boy in the process of being found by the newspaper, the reporter mistakenly think that Zhang, Wang is a suspect to steal children suspect the police. At present, in addition to vehicle damage, the staff did not matter, the incident is further, the investigation. Hebei police to remind the majority of Internet users do not believe in rumors, not rumors. On the Internet to distribute false information, if caused by adverse social impact, the public security organs will be in accordance with the "People's Republic of China Public Security Administration Punishment Law" relevant provisions, according to the law to create, spread network rumors legal responsibility. Hebei police said that China has introduced a judicial interpretation of the provisions of the provisions of the creation of terrorist information, dissemination or laissez-faire, serious disruption of social order behavior should be identified as fabricated false terrorist information. In the circle of friends, even if not rumors, a rumor if you are forwarded more than 500 times must bear the legal responsibility.

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