Guangzhou female passengers by car was attacked male driver was XingJu

Currently in Guangzhou and other countries to operate more than a foreign taxi software
Guangzhou, June 15 (chengjing Wei) Guangzhou police informed the 15th, a young woman in Guangzhou recently take a foreign brand taxi software car, was male driver sexual assault, the current suspect has been a criminal detention , The case is being further investigation. (A pseudonym, 21 years old, Guangzhou) recently to the Guangzhou Baiyun police reflect the May 29 at 3 am in Guangzhou Yuexiu District and friends gathered to drink, the use of a taxi software to call a Car, ready to return to Baiyun District Jinshazhou accommodation. Because drinking too much, Ah Ying soon fell asleep, about 5 o'clock when woke up, she found himself and driving male driver in a hotel room. Just wake up Alai learned that the other side had a sexual relationship with their own, and sometimes panic, and the man will be sent to Guangzhou Baiyun District Jinshazhou get off quickly after they leave. Ah Ying in the home after the calm down, decided to call the police. Police investigation and evidence collection, the lock involved in the car driver Dengmoujia (29 years old, Guangzhou, theft of criminals, released in prison in 2013), and chase the line. June 8 10 am, the suspect Deng Moujia surrendered to the police, initially confessed that morning and drunk state of the female host in the hotel sexual relations. Guangzhou police said the public to enjoy the convenience of the car at the same time, to guard against the hidden risks, to strengthen prevention and protection of their own and property safety. Currently in Guangzhou and other Chinese operating more than the foreign taxi software "excellent" (Uber), etc., the domestic are "trick" and so on. More than a month ago, Uber Guangzhou headquarters for alleged illegal operation by the Guangzhou industry and commerce, the Commission and other departments jointly investigated and dealt with.

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