Hangzhou car driver suspected fishing report caused a large area of ​​congestion

Site public told Zhejiang news client reporter
Zhejiang News client trainee reporter Zhang Meng month at 12 o'clock on the 12th or so, Zhejiang News client reporter Yuhang Tong Road, passing through the junction, found that there is a large area of ​​congestion. According to the reporter to understand, congestion from 21:30 began to gradually appear. Zhejiang News client reporter at the scene to see, teaching workers all the way to the direction of a large number of private vehicles blocked, can not pass. The scene about 20 private cars parked in the motor vehicle lane, congestion length of about three or four hundred meters. The scene of the public told the Zhejiang News client reporter, the night of the sudden congestion suspected to be two taxi drivers "fishing" excellent driver, reported to the transport management department. After the incident, there have been excellent drivers drove together in this, to the transport management personnel and traffic congestion. As the scene continued to get out of control, the scene to the Tsui Court police station and mobile special police. "I heard that the two taxi drivers deliberately fishing excellent drivers, and bright their own intentions. Now the taxi driver has been brought to the police station to protect up, excellent drivers asked the two people to release." Crowd Say so. Zhejiang news client reporter at the scene to see, the scene is very chaotic order, the crowd refused to disperse for a long time. 23:30, a team of riot police came to the scene, to maintain order. As of Zhejiang News client reporter press, more than 20 private cars are still parked on the road, excellent driver is still with the transport, the police stalemate. According to the site of the excellent driver said, "was 'fishing' excellent driver and 'fishing' taxi drivers, are in Tsui Court police station." How the development of the situation, Zhejiang News client will continue to focus.

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